ePrescription requirements - Wyoming.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed Enrolled Act No 66/SF0047 into law. The Wyoming State Legislature passed Senate Bill 47 in early 2019 which mandated that all controlled substance prescriptions must be electronically prescribed starting on January 1, 2021. It has also been mandated that any Schedule III or IV controlled substance prescription should not to be filled or refilled if six months have elapsed since the start date of the prescription. Schedule III and IV controlled substances should not be refilled for more than five times, unless a renewal is requested by the prescriber.


URL: https://www.wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2019/SF0047

A few exemptions have been granted to the State Board in regards to the requirement for emergencies. The State Board will have the power to grant an extension to a dispenser or practitioner. There is however no guarantee that the extension will be granted.

In recent years, Wyoming has fallen below the national average for opioid-related overdose deaths. Though Wyoming is below the national average for opioid-related overdose deaths, the State currently has only 17.5% provider enablement for electronic prescribing of controlled substances.

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