RPA in Medical Billing

Robotic Process automation (RPA) with its cost savings, speed and efficiency is slowly making its way into all industries and all types of business processes. Enterprises and service providers are adopting more tools that aid automation. RPA enhances accuracy.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the perfect solution to transform revenue cycle management. It unites an organization’s systems, including electronic health records, billing, patient payment portals, and credit card processing applications. Automation in data entry and insurance claim processing results in fast and precise process completion.

Robots connect to the payer website, handle insurance aging and resubmit claims without human intervention – saving significant time and resources.RPA can help medical billing organizations when processing information as physician credentialing and enrollment as well as checking patient eligibility.

RPA is complementary to existing systems and processes, enabling health care organizations to address gaps in existing processes. Additionally, it creates a 24/7 work force which is more efficient and quicker resulting in improved collections.

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