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Why drug-drug allergy and disease interaction checking is important in eRx ?

Why drug-drug allergy and disease interaction checking is important in eRx ?

From the good olden days to this point of time, things and events are constantly been evolved to break down human labor. Ideas, methodologies and solutions are been stormed at each and every field to make the process much effective and simple.

In the US, the field of medicine introduced e-Rx or E-Prescription. E-prescribing reduces the risks associated with traditional prescription and this resulted in high demand of electronic prescription software. E-prescribing aims to connect the patient’s to the team of health care professionals by exchanging medical prescription information to promote knowledgeable decision-making.

What are drug interactions ?

Every time you take more than one medication or a pill and you mix it with certain drugs, you are at the risk of drug interaction. Most of the drug interactions are not serious but a few of them can be harmful to your body. So it is important to know your drug interactions.

  • Drug-drug interactions – These are the most common type of interactions. These interactions happen if you consume more than one medication, there will be a chance for your drug to interact with another drugs and could result in various unexpected side effects or even increases the blood pressure as well.
  • Drug-disease interactions – These interactions occurs when certain drugs related to cure the disease for which a drug intended for healing purpose could turn out to be harmful for the body. Your current medical condition may also impact the way a drug works too. In short drugs that are helpful in one disease are harmful to another disorder.

What does disease interaction checking do?

Drug-disease interaction checking enables a healthcare provider or doctors to check whether the medications are harmful to the patients or infected. This dedicated checking in e-Rx pop up a screen showing whether the medicine is suitable to patients or not. If he/she is allergic to a particular medicine a notification or popup will appear showing the complete details and history of the medicine claiming whether the medicine is harmful to the patient or what will happens if he/she consumes the medicines. Checking for a drug interaction before it occurs will drastically lower the risk of a problem and eliminates every chance of risk of drug-drug interactions and drug-disease interactions

It is necessary to check the status of drug interactions with each new drug, because most of the people do not know whether two or more drugs will interact and it can effect adversely even death can happen. Therefore, disease interaction checking is very important as it is a lifesaver for all those who consumes two or more medicines.

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