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Medical Billing – Medical Credentialing a Necessity

Medical Credentialing consists of verifying the qualifications of licensed medical practitioners and assessing their background and legitimacy. Credentials are documented evidence of license, education, training, experience, or other qualifications.

Not obtaining proper credentialing can lead to lost revenues. This results to loss in medical bills for various services provided by the uncredentialed professionals. Medical credentialing process also validate a medical provider’s regulatory compliance record and malpractice history before allowing that provider to participate in a network or treat patients at a hospital or medical facility.

Medical credentialing is a vital part of the Medical Billing process without which it cannot even be completed.

Steps to follow for efficient Medical Credentialing process:

  • Confirm all documents are up to date
  • Provide adequate references
  • Begin early and pay attention to details
  • Have knowledge about the State’s Credentialing specifications.

An efficient workflow will help overcome medical credentialing problems and thus avoid money loss in handling appeals and reimbursements. SpectraMedi Medical Service Organisation provides simple and cost effective Credentialing service. Our service help Providers handle the burdensome procedures of enrollment and credentialing at a competitive price.